Mmmmm, pie

I haven’t been very active with my blogging lately.  I’m sure you, my loyal followers, have noticed and been very distressed about this.  My inactivity in the blog does not reflect my activity level in real life.

I’ve still been working hard on crafts for Big Sister’s wedding, which is 5 days away.

I’ve always been working on some stuff for Baby Moore.  And Mr. Moore has been working SUPER hard on getting Baby Moore’s room ready.  Once again he’s promised to blog about it when he’s done, but… we all know how those promises usually turn out, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Also, this past weekend I was hard at work on CHRISTMAS PRESENTS! That’s right, folks! As Mister was toiling away upstairs tearing down walls, putting up walls, painting walls, etc… I was busying myself with Christmas gifts.  I figure I’ll probably be busy around that time of year, so I might as well get a head start.

Well, I’m not going to share what I’ve been working on with you just yet.  But, I promise a full post sometime after December 25th.

I’m also not at liberty to share the details of Big Sister’s Big Day, but, we should have some photos of the event next week and I’ll get to show off all of our craftiwork.

And, like I said, the baby’s room is not done and Mister has promised to take on the sharing of those (OVER 5000) photos.

One thing I did this weekend that I CAN share with you, though, is pie.

I had a craving and I was grumpy, so Mister wisely went to the store to get the ingredients I needed to make myself a pie.

What a guy!  Tearing down walls, spackling, painting AND grocery shopping.

Little Moore and I are VERY lucky to have him.

So, now I’m off to pick up Big Sister and then to pick up her wedding dress.  That’s pretty much how the rest of my week will be.

Then, right after the wedding, The Amazing Moores will be off on a Babymoon!  (How glamorous!)  So, you might have to put up with my lack of posts for a while longer.

But, I promise to come home with lots of pictures of weddings and babymooning.  So, stay tuned.



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