Baby Melissa

As recommended by our Vet, Mr. Moore and I have started carrying around and snuggling with a baby doll to help the kitties prepare for their soon-to-arrive roommate.

Meet Baby Melissa:


She will give you kisses if you squeeze her arm just so. And she’s a pretty good stand-in for an infant. As we drove home from my parent’s house last night (that’s where Baby Melissa usually lives…) we may have gotten a few double takes. That may have had something to do with the fact that Baby Melissa was getting down to some hard core rap on the front dash as we drove down the highway.

What can I say? Baby Melissa likes rap music!

So far, the kitties have taken pretty well to the stand-in, although Pizza basically ignored the baby as she snuggled up on Mr. Moore’s lap last night. I looked over and poor Melissa had been shoved almost completely out of his arms by our needy little girl cat.

Well… we’re working on it. This is the same cat who licked bald spots into her fur when I first got pregnant, so we are prepared for some bumps in the road.

We just have to make sure our little furry babies remember that we love them, too.


And who wouldn’t love these little faces???


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