Sixteen Burritos

These sixteen burritos just joined the other seventeen meals I’ve made in the freezer.

The full list right now is as follows:

16 – burritos
3 – bags of chili
2 – bags of stew
2 – bags of Mac and cheese
2 – bags of Chickpea tikka masala
1 – Monterey spaghetti casserole
2 – enchilada casseroles
1 – tamale pie
1 – sweet potato shepherd’s pie
1 – vegetarian shepherd’s pie
1 – vegetable pot pie
1 – samosa pie

Tomorrow on the agenda:

“Meat”balls and “meat”loaves.

And then. I’m done.

The only cooking I’ll be doing after that is cooking this little bun in my oven.

Well… I guess I’ll still cook dinner and stuff.

And I already have plans to bake a loaf of bread when I go into labor as a means of distraction before heading to the hospital…

So, I’ll be doing some cooking. But, I’ll be done with the freezer meals!


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