Feeling Fall-y

I’ve been posting a lot lately about being pregnant and having babies, but that’s not ALL I think about.  I also think about food.

And other stuff.

Today, I was thinking about food and about Fall.  In case you aren’t in New York, we had some cold weather this weekend and the leaves have been a variety of glorious colors (but have been kind enough so far to stay mostly on the trees).  As a result, Fall has been on my mind.

Fall is my favorite season for a lot of reasons.  The aforementioned leaves and cooler weather are among those reasons.  Also, lots of good things seem to happen to me in the Fall.  The fall is not only host to my very favorite holiday, it is also the season in which I was born (technically I was born just BEFORE Fall and in a place where Fall is just Summer – Part 2… followed by Summer -Parts 3&4), I met a guy dressed as Jesus, I married him (a few years later), and… this year, I’ll welcome my sweet little baby.

Yeah, Fall is pretty great.

So, back to the food business.  I haven’t been so great about making dinner since I made Ten Million Dinners for the Future. (Actually, I made 25 which should equal about 120 individual servings…) But, tonight the nip in the air and the leaves on the trees pleaded with me to make a fall-inspired dinner.  I had enough energy to make it, and eat it, and even to write this rambling blog post about it, but I did not have enough energy to actually document the meal or recipe.  Except for this one snapshot Mr. Moore took of our half-finished dish of cauliflower.

Oh well, you’ll have to take my word for it that our dinner was delicious in addition to being very Fall-y.  We super-love roasted cauliflower in this house, so that is always a treat.  If you’ve never eaten cauliflower this way, you absolutely must try it, even if you’re an avowed cauliflower hater.  We also had sauteed apples and onions and quinoa with almonds and dried cranberries. None of those links goes to recipes that I actually used, because I didn’t use any recipes… but… in case you’re feeling Fall-y, too.  And in case you have some apples leftover from apple picking and you’re looking for inspiration.  There it is.

Now, I’m off to snuggle under a blanket and listen to the rain while watching a scary movie with a guy who once dressed up as Jesus and won my heart.


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