Snapshots of a Fall weekend

If you do not live in the North East, I feel so sorry that you missed this weekend.  The weather was incredibly beautiful.  The sun was shining, the leaves were in full Fall splendor and there was much fun to be had.

The Amazing Moores did not let a little thing like the impending birth of our newest member slow us down.  Well… I guess I did waddle around a little bit slower than usual, but… just barely.

Realizing that this might well be our final weekend Before Baby, we dutifully carted around our video camera and shot a bunch of footage of the final days of The Belly.  So, there will eventually be a beautifully shot and edited video of the whole nine months of The Belly, but for now… you’ll have to enjoy these Instagram images of our glorious fall weekend instead:

It started with waffles and beer at Oktoberfest at Bear Mountain.  That ice cream you see perched on top of our waffles?  Yeah, it’s Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie flavor.  Yup.

But, even better than the waffles and ice cream was enjoying the beautiful surroundings with Big Sister, who is pretty close to being as excited about Baby Moore’s arrival as we are.

I did partake in a few sips of beer from Mr. Moore’s bier stein, but the alcohol and walking didn’t seem to do anything to encourage Little Moore to join us at Oktoberfest.  Though, most of our friends seemed to think it would have been pretty terrific if Baby Moore had chosen that setting for his or her debut.

After leaving Bear Mountain, we had dinner at a little restaurant in Peekskill which was so unbelievably good that I am already plotting the next time we can dine there.  Mr. Moore and I each had a Beet & Grain burger, which came with hand cut fries.  The server also brought house made ketchup and mustard to our table.  It was heavenly.  So heavenly that I fell, twice in one day, into the trap of Instagramming photos of my food.

I refuse to be ashamed.

After gushing to the entire waitstaff about how freaking good my Beet & Grain burger was and oh my god, the ketchup and mustard and everything was so good and thank you so much and we can’t wait to come back… we were super excited to visit with some of our Birthing Class classmates and meet their new baby.  It was pretty crazy when he was cozying up to my Belly and I realized that there is a baby pretty similar to this one just… hanging out in there.  Waiting patiently.

Sunday we picnicked at Mariandale Shrine, which is just a few minutes drive from our house.  Aside from a few (giant) bugs, we had the place to ourselves and we just basked in the sunshine, took some photos, and played card games.  We tried not to think about how those moments of laying in the sun on our blanket together might be some of the last moments we have where it’s just the two of us for… a while.

Then, we headed back home to carve some pumpkins for our front stoop.  We had a Daddy, Mommy and a Baby pumpkin, though Mr. Moore ended up doing a lot of the carving, because Baby Moore didn’t really enjoy me leaning forward to carve.

But, somehow, even without fully utilizing my knife skills, they turned out pretty darn good.

It was a perfect fall weekend and we really never wanted it to end, but even on the best days, the sun eventually goes down.

Now, the house smells like the pumpkin seeds roasting in the oven, and we’re getting ready to snuggle up for a scary movie on the couch and, darn it if we aren’t the luckiest people in the world.



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