Four Generations


In addition to making me a mother, and making my mother a grandmother… Margot also made my grandmother a GREAT grandmother…

Here’s great-grandma clearly enjoying her great-grandbaby. Grandma will tell anyone who will listen that she HATES babies and wants nothing to do with them. But, as you can see, Margot’s charms melted her icy-baby-hating heart into a big puddle of love.


Miss Margot worked her charms on Poppop (her great-grandfather) as well.  One precious little yawn, and they were done-for.


I am so grateful that Margot will get to know my grandparents.  When we moved to New York (from Hawaii), we moved into the same house as my grandparents.  Growing up, they were like a second set of parents for me and Big Sister.  It was a pain when we wanted to throw wild house parties as teenagers… But, mostly it was awesome.  We always had a ride to the mall, and Grandma was always good at slipping us a few extra bucks for shopping or whatever.

Before we moved to New York, I remember my grandparents sent our family a lease packet with information about our new home (they had been using it as a rental).  The packet included “babysitting” among the available amenities.  Being babysat by Grandma was SO FUN.  It meant breakfast for dinner, feeding leftover pancakes to raccoons, watching Nick at Nite and, most importantly, Grandma would give us a bubble bath and comb our hair.

Grandma was the BEST at combing our hair.  Mommy would yank the comb through our hair, pulling on the knots, making us cry big crocodile tears the whole time.  Grandma would put her special creme rinse in our hair, which always smelled so nice, and the comb would just glide through…

It seems like Margot has been blessed (cursed?) with a nice head of Ramos hair, so I hope that someday Great-Grandma can put some of that special creme rinse in her hair and Margot can get a nice respite from having her impatient Mama yank a comb through her hair.


Four Generations of Ladies



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