This morning I watched the sun rise while Margot nursed for half an hour.

I am pretty sure my life has never been so perfect as it is right now. I have my well-fed baby girl snuggled up against my chest and I really can not imagine anything that could be better than this.

Although I have already been complimented as being the fastest post-baby blogger out there, I’m not quite ready to form more coherent posts than this one. But, soon, Mr. Moore and I plan to share some of the details of Margot’s Birth, the story of her name and, along with those posts, we’ll be sure to include some photos. Margot may already be in the running for the most photographed baby of all time.

Thanks everyone for the texts and phone calls and e-mails wishing us well. Your wishes have manifested themselves quite nicely. We had 600 people view our blog entry giving the particulars of Margot’s birth and it is overwhelming to think 600 people care about our baby girl.

Eventually, I will find the time to thank all our well-wishers individually…

But, for now, I’m going to continue to snuggle my daughter and revel in perfection.


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