Halloween is a big deal around here.  So, when we knew that our baby would be arriving just in time for our favorite Holiday, we were pretty stoked.  Before Margot was even born, I already had visions of Halloween-themed birthday parties running through my mind.

We had a few Halloweenie outfits for our new babe before she was born, but since we didn’t know what flavor she would be, we hadn’t exactly prepared for her first costume.  When we were in the hospital waiting for the arrival of Baby Moore, we told the story of how we met to the nurses.  So, when Miss Margot was born, they all agreed that she should follow in her Mama’s footsteps and dress up as a Bumblebee.DSC_0119-001


In fact, on the videotape of Margot’s birth, you can even hear one of the nurses insisting that it would be so sweet if she dressed as a bumblebee, “since that’s how Mommy got Daddy to fall in love with her.”

Well, we happened to agree.


She made a pretty cute Bumblebee, if I do say so myself.  I spent the first few days of her life working on making this bee costume for her by painting a onesie yellow.  The first time my parents visited us at home, they asked if I needed anything from the store and I said, “black and yellow tulle, please.”  Newborn essentials.



Since we got displaced from our house because of Hurricane Super Storm Sandy, we had to spend Margot’s 1st Halloween in Pearl River at my parents’ house.  It was a little bit of a bummer because I have tons of Halloween decorations that never even made an appearance this year.  And, Mr. Moore and I didn’t even get to wear our Halloween costumes, which I had been working on during my last days of pregnancy.

But, it was pretty nice to have a lot of family around for Margot’s first holiday.  Mommy and Big Sister (heretofore to be known as Abuelita and Titi Tasha) were also pretty stoked to share Margot’s big day.  Can you tell how excited we all are as we crowded around poor little Margot and took ten million photos?



Even though Mr. Moore and I didn’t get to wear our costumes this year, I still busted out MY bumblebee costume and crammed my post-partum body into it.  It didn’t look quite as nice as it did the first time I wore it (5 years ago!) but Mr. Moore still seemed to be impressed by this Mama Bee and her Baby Bee.


After torturing Margot by dressing her up and posing her for a million photos, we let Margot go nuts with the Halloween candy.


Happy Halloween from The Amazing Moores!!



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