Beautiful Margot Miriam

We happen to think our little Baby Girl is beautiful.

We think every little part of her is perfectly formed.

We have spent full hours studying her tiny little fingers and toes and marveling at how I GREW HER INSIDE OF ME.  We’ve pondered over how she was formed from the foods that I ate over the past 10 months.  Her delicate little fingers are nectarines, her foot is made of Indian food… her entire head is made of cheese.

Don’t all parents think their children are perfect?

We have gotten a lot of feedback which supports our theory.  In fact, the nurse at the Pediatrician’s office said, “all babies are cute, but she is REALLY cute.”  She commented about how her head was so perfectly round that she thought she had been a C-section baby.

I swelled with pride.

I also got the tiniest bit nervous… how am I going to teach my daughter not to place her self worth in her appearance when I literally can. not. stop. telling her how beautiful she is… and neither can anyone else!?

Aside from telling us how beautiful our Baby Girl is, we have also heard over and over again how perfect her name is.

Every time someone compliments us on her name, I feel nothing but pure joy.  I have no reservations about the beauty of her moniker, especially because she is named after two pretty incredible women.

Margot is my Nana.  Her name was Margarita but her family called her by the nickname Margot.  My nana and I shared a birthday and she was a pretty amazing person.  She had a lot of passion for life and compassion for others.  She left this world far too soon and I wish I could have shared more of my life with her.  Now, I have her birthday and my Baby Girl has her name, so I know she is with us in so many ways.

Miriam is Mr. Moore’s Gram.  She is another amazing lady who is so strong of spirit that she still lives alone in her home in PA at the age of 92.  When she heard that we had given Margot her name, she marched herself to the Senior Center down the block and announced it to all of her friends with pride.  We were so sad to hear that just a few days after her victorious walk to the center, she fell and broke her hip.  She is now in the hospital and we are waiting for word about how her surgery went.  I hope she is still riding on that high of having a little girl named after her.

So, our little Margot Miriam has quite a lot of inspiration to find from her two namesakes.  I hope that she will be able to take more inspiration from them than she takes self-worth from the comments about how beautiful she is.

Although she IS really, really beautiful.


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