Week One

Well, Margot’s first week on the outside has been a doozy!!

The Amazing Moores made it through Hurricane Sandy unscathed but without any power.  We are lucky.  We are extremely lucky.  The devastation that we have seen in the surrounding areas is heartbreaking and humbling.

But, as lucky as we are, it has still been a challenging week for the three of us.  After just two days home together, we had to relocate to my parent’s house where the lights were still on.  We still have no idea when power will be restored to our house, and we’re trying our best to get the hang of things while living out of our suitcases in someone else’s house.

Margot is taking it all in stride.

Right now she’s sleeping next to me on her little boppy pillow as I blog from Todd’s laptop.  I’ve a few more posts in the chamber that I’ve been meaning to write, so if she stays cozy in there long enough, I might take this opportunity to share some of the millions of photos we’ve already taken of our little girl and update you all on some of the fun times we’ve been having since Margot joined the family.

For now… I hope that if you are reading this from the tri-state area it means you have electricity and a reliable internet connection and that you and your family are healthy and happy.

And, here’s the week in Instagrams:

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