Week Three

Well, another week has flown by in the life of Margot Moore.  Everyone is still happy and healthy and we are all starting to get a little more settled in our new lives as a family of three.  Most of my time is spent with my baby girl in my arms and I really wouldn’t have it any other way.  Except for the fact that the dishes/laundry/back-dated blog posts are piling up…

I still have to write about Halloween!  I should really get to that before Thanksgiving…

For now, Margot is napping alone in her room for the first time!  (There is, of course, photographic evidence of this below)  This development is allowing me a little time to work on those piles of laundry and dishes, write this blog post and to fill in some pages of Margot’s baby book.

Another boost to my energy today is that for TWO full hours this morning, Todd and Margot hung out while I took a nap all by myself upstairs in my super comfortable bed!

Our little baby is growing up, yo! Too fast! Slow down, Time!

On the subject of sleep, the number one question we get asked is if Margot is sleeping through the night yet.  So, let’s talk about Margot’s sleep habits for a moment.

Margot and I always sleep together (this afternoon is literally the first time she’s ever slept apart from me).  She nuzzles up on my chest and sleeps there.  I am happier with her there, and she is happier being there and that’s really all there is to it.  We always planned to co-sleep, which is why we don’t own a crib.  But, for now, Margot and I sleep alone together and when she wakes up in the middle of the night, Mr. Moore comes and changes her diaper and gives his girls a kiss and then he goes back to bed.  Then, Margot nurses until she falls asleep and we snuggle up together again and go back to sleep.

This usually happens twice a night.  There is usually one 5 hour stretch of sleep-time and she wakes up and nurses for about 30 minutes before falling back asleep.

To us, this is “sleeping through the night”.  We are not expecting an 8 hour stretch and we are not trying to force that on her.  She nurses whenever she wants and for as long as she wants, including in the middle of the night.  We all feel pretty well rested (I definitely get the least sleep, but… I have always had trouble sleeping, so it’s no big) and we are all happy with our arrangement.

So, there’s your answer!

And here’s the week in Instagrams:

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