Although Halloween is a pretty popular holiday in this house, my hands-down favorite is still Thanksgiving.  It has all the elements that I adore… it’s fall, there’s lots of food and it hasn’t been overcommercialized beyond recognition.  It’s just a day to cozy up with family and eat to your heart’s delight.

I was pretty excited for Margot’s first Thanksgiving.  We had a box of vegetables coming to us from the farm, family coming by for dinner and dessert (someone was going to bring a Turkey since we wouldn’t be making one ourselves), everything was going to be perfect.

Then, I started feeling “not so great”… and after my first visit to the ER, we decided perhaps we should cancel Thanksgiving at our house.

Then I got admitted to the hospital and my new goal was just to not spend Margot’s first Thanksgiving alone in the hospital.  Luckily, I was sent home early Thanksgiving morning.


Being reunited with my baby girl was the best gift I could ever have asked for.


Once I had my baby girl in my arms, all the other stuff didn’t seem to matter… the vegetables stayed, untouched, in the kitchen, we locked the door behind us, and the three of us just snuggled up together on the couch for a lazy Thanksgiving.

Even though we locked our doors and told our families we needed a day to reconnect before having visitors, we didn’t want the day to pass us by without any Thanksgiving-themed foods.  So, Mr. Moore went to one of our favorite local restaurants which was open for just a few hours that morning selling some Thanksgiving essentials.

We got stuffing, brussels sprouts, green beans, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce.


Here’s our feast, which we ate in front of the television, with my new prescription for Lovenox as our cornucopia centerpiece.


I wouldn’t call this Thanksgiving our best ever.  I prefer not to wake up in the ICU on holidays.  I also prefer not to have the reminder of what I am thankful for be quite as raw as it was this year.  But, it wasn’t the worst one, either.



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