The Kids

There has been a bit of a baby boom among my group of friends. I guess that’s to be expected once you reach a “certain age”.  Since the leaders of the pack, and our favorite Arizonians, were in town for a visit, we were able to get all the babies together for the first time ever.  We tried to get a photo of our pack of babes, and we were mildly successful, as you can see from the series of photos below.




DSC_0359-001In order, we have Margot (1 m), Haley (19m), Jackson (7 m) and Nolan (15m).  Haley was clearly not impressed with the babies crying and just hightailed it out of there as all the parents crowded around them like Paparazzi.

We’ll try again next year when Haley’s new baby brother will take Margot’s spot as the baby of the group.  Or, who knows, maybe someone else will have a new baby before then! (Not us…)

Either way, I look forward to many years of trying to herd our children together for photos and being met with mild success (and increasingly stronger dissent from the children).


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