Catching Up

So, during my medically-induced hiatus, Margot turned one month old, and we missed it!  Well, we didn’t miss it, but the blogging world missed it.  In fact, we are fast approaching Margot’s 6 week birthday, and I’m a bit behind with updating the blog with pictures of her.  Please forgive me.  Especially for those of you who live far away and don’t have Facebook.

So, here’s a crazy photo bomb of instagrams and other various photos from my iPod from the past few weeks.

I can not believe how much our baby girl has grown over the past 6 weeks.  She has finally reached the weight that the ultrasound technician supposed she would be at birth (9lbs 7oz).  When I was away from her for 48 hours, the first thing I said when I saw her again on Thanksgiving morning was, “Oh my God, she got bigger!!”  It’s hard to notice the changes as they happen day to day, but even in that 48 hour period, she grew up a little bit.

At the same time that I lament losing my teeny tiny baby, I relish those first little social smiles and the way she looks so intently at my face while she nurses.  I will miss her sleepy disposition, but I look forward to seeing what her personality will be like.  Every time something I love about her changes, it’s replaced by something I love just as much.

For safe-keeping, I’ve documented as many moments from Margot’s constant transformation as possible with my trusty iPod camera.

Mr. Moore has gotten quite a bit on his trusty DSLR, too, but… those will have to wait a little longer.  I promise there is still a Halloween post coming up soon… For now, enjoy the slide show of weeks 4, 5 & 6…

** Okay, WordPress has changed something about the photo uploading system and I can’t figure out how to do a slideshow… so, in no particular order, a Gallery of photos, instead!**


4 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. I know my favorite picture should be of me and Margot. But, truth be known…my favorite is “baby blue eyes”. I was hoping in addition to getting her daddy’s legs (height) she would get her daddy’s eyes to go with her mother’s face.

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