Margot’s First Concert


Mama and Baby out on the town.


Margot has a pretty great social life.  She’s been to parties and restaurants and today she went to her first live music event.  It was a special event held in Ossining.  The idea was that by having live music earlier in the day, children will have the opportunity to be exposed to different types of music, since most live music events happen in the evening and are not usually child-friendly.




The music was really great, they did a little historical/world tour of different types of music, and we heard sounds come from a violin that we had never heard before.  Hopefully these types of events will become a common occurrence around here, because we really do love live music, and would love it if Margot did, too.



They even had an interactive part of the show where Margot’s boyf, Ian, got to join in on the music making.  Margot loves drummers, just like her Mama.

I would like to tell you that Margot showed an early interest in music and demonstrated an uncanny aptitude as a budding musician, but… the truth is, she slept through the whole thing.  Oh well, I’m pretty sure the music got through to her anyway…





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