Christmas Eve


When you’re Italian (which Mr. Moore just so happens to be on his mother’s side), Christmas Eve means The Feast of the Seven Fishes.  When you’re Italian and a vegetarian, it just means lots of bread, pasta and cookies. Lots of cookies.

Either way, it’s one of our favorite family gatherings of the year.  Everyone gathers at The Other Moore’s house for food, drinks and merriment.  Margot got dressed up in her finest party dress and got lots of tips from her big cousin, Gianna, about how to get everything you want from Santa Claus.


She also spent a good portion of the evening snuggling with Mama, nursing, while staring at the Christmas tree lights.  That was just fine by me.  We had a perfect spot for cuddling and watching all the merriment around us.


Margot was certainly the star of the evening, as it was the first time she got to meet some of her Aunts & Uncles and cousins.  When she wasn’t nursing, she was being passed around to everyone, including her Uncle Danny.


Just as we do every year, the whole family participated in a rousing White Elephant/Yankee Swap/Secret Santa game.  This year’s breakout hit prize, which got passed around to pretty much everyone at the party was a memory foam bath mat. I wish I could say that it came home with us, but, sadly, it did not.  Maybe next year…

After the game, we all crammed together and posed for a big family photo.



And then this…


And, while all that celebrating was going on inside, the snow was falling outside.  So, Margot’s first Christmas Eve turned out to be a white one…



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