My Christmas Gift

Mr. Moore and I have decided to put a pause on exchanging gifts with one another.  In fact, on his birthday this year (it was December 16th) I didn’t give him a gift at all, in fact, I gave him the opposite of a gift.  Instead of spending the day celebrating his birth… I spent the day fighting off a virus.  I lost the fight, and we ended up spending the night in the Emergency room when my fever hit 103 degrees and wouldn’t go down.

I don’t mention my virus for your pity… I mention it as another excuse for why I am so bad at updating this blog.

Turns out blogging gets a bit tricky when you have a baby constantly attached to you and trickier still when you are also trying not to cough your lungs out all over that baby.

So, since we did not exchange Christmas gifts, I asked Mr. Moore and Miss Margot if I could have one day of being excused from baby business so that I could catch up on the dozen or so blog posts I had started writing/planned to write/taken photos for, etc…

Of course, Mr. Moore cannot take over feeding duties, and Miss Margot didn’t quite understand our arrangement, so, it’s 6:30pm and I’m still not  finished with all the blogs.  But! I am close!  This is the last blog of the day, and the first one that I will actually publish, since this one is explaining that there are a bunch more on the way.  Including the one I’ve been teasing for a while… Margot’s first Halloween.  I hope you’re ready for the cuteness.

So, if you’re reading this post, please take a few minutes to scroll down through the past two months and catch up on anything that you might’ve missed.  I will be hitting publish on a dozen posts in the next two minutes…

Look out for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and a bunch of Christmassy events that we’ve participated in over the past month. (Like this one, and this one… and this one... and Christmas Eve, too)

I have two more posts that I am planning to write after this one, and I’ll do one more round up of Instagrams before the calendar flips over to 2013.  But, first… here is a gallery of Instagrams I’ve been saving up since the last time… this time I figured out how to put them in chronological order…

I also figured out how to do a slideshow again… but Mr. Moore said that he likes the gallery set-up better.  Votes?  Do you prefer the slideshow or the gallery?  Do you care?  Is anyone even paying attention??


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