Saturday Morning

Weekend mornings are the best.

When Mr. Moore is home and we can all snuggle up in bed together in the early morning hours cuddling and playing.
Margot is getting so good at holding her head up during tummy time and she’s really working out her vocal cords.
Every new skill she learns sends us reeling with imaginations about the little girl she will become. I already have so many visions of Margot the toddler, then Margot the preschooler, the little girl, the teenager, the young lady, the adult….
But, for now, she’s still Margot the infant and, oh boy, we can’t get enough.


2 thoughts on “Saturday Morning

  1. Wow. Look how responsive and interactive she is already! I remember when I used to long for each of my kids to talk so I could know their thoughts. It’s pretty amazing how much you already know of who they are beginning the moment of their birth. Glad you’re taking time to enjoy this magical time together.

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