Week Ten

Over the past week we’ve been trying to get back into the swing of things.  Not just the same old New Year, New Start business, but… trying to get back to old habits.  We’ve had a bit of an upheaval what with a newborn baby immediately followed by a near-fatal medical episode immediately followed by The Holidays

So, now that The Holidays are done, my medical status is “healthy”, and our baby is… well… she’s still new and she’s still turning our lives upside down.  But, I think we have about 18 years of that particular upheaval ahead of us.

We’ve been working on it.  The house is the cleanest it’s been since… I can’t remember when.  And, we just got home from our first real grocery trip since Miss Margot was born.  (Thank goodness I made all those frozen meals before she got here…)  Mr. Moore would like for me to inform you, dear readers, that we saved over $100 at Shoprite today.  He is pretty proud of the mile long grocery receipt we brought home.

And, in the spirit of returning to old habits… Here’s the week  in Instagrams:

How do you like the circles? I think they are pretty cute… Auntie Sue? You’re the only one who seems to notice/care… What do you think??

Anyway. That’s all, just a little round-up.  Hopefully my efforts to pick up old habits will include me blogging more frequently, and not just these cop-out picture dumps…

Make sure you check out what we’ve been up to with our 52 week challenge in the meantime.


3 thoughts on “Week Ten

  1. I like the circles, just need to be a little bigger so they don’t crop out the top of Little Miss Margot’s head. And I especially love the one with the snowman bib! LOL ❤

  2. I like the circles… We’re trying to do the same over here with the getting back to normal… Hopefully after christmas is all put away I’ll have my house back!

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