52 Challenges – The List


We were pleasantly surprised by the reaction we got to our 52 Week Challenge.  So many people have contacted me asking for the list of challenges or to say that they are doing the challenges along with us.  I typed the whole list out over at fiftytwochallenges.wordpress.com.  We originally didn’t want to share it because we like the element of surprise seeing which challenge will come up each week, but, in case you want to print out your own jar of challenges, or if you’re looking for inspiration, or if you’re just curious:  Check it out!

Feel free to use the list in it’s entirety… Mr. Moore and I just made them up.  Also, if you have any ideas for other challenges, we would LOVE to hear them.  Leave them in the comments here or there or e-mail me or whatever.


6 thoughts on “52 Challenges – The List

  1. We LOVE your list, although there are some we find difficult to do (fire building, for one, as I’m pretty sure that’s illegal where we live) but I’ve come up with some replacements ! Please see below. ps I love you.

    Go to a matiné.
    Bake something for the neighbors.
    Have a ‘King and Queen for the Day’ for the cats (but let’s be serious, this is every day)
    Go to church.
    Figure out how to do that thing you’re always thinking about figuring out how to do.
    Go camping for the night.
    Sleep on the porch.
    Invite work colleagues over for a meal.
    Make Nepali food- not just momos.
    Wear Nepali clothes to work.
    Learn to count all the way to 10 in Nepali. (I’m at 5…just can’t wrap my hear around 6-10) During this week, Pascal will have to learn it in Russian. (equivalent)

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