3 Months With Margot – A Note from her Daddy

Its been a long time since i’ve written a post on this blog but I thought I should get myself on here more and show some perspective from my side of things.

It has been 3 months this past Friday having Margot in our lives and it has been amazing.  No pun intended.  Watching her develop from the day she was born has really been spectacular.

Playland Sunrise (3 of 3) (1875x1245)

We have also been lucky so far that she is sleeping through the night and only occasionally waking up at 3:00 AM and requesting a diaper change and some nourishment.

I can’t believe that she has already gone from barely locking in on things to focusing in on a toy, herself or one of our faces.  From flailing her arms and punching and hitting everything around her to grabbing onto toys and gaining the ability to get her hands in her mouth (though she currently just shoves as much of her fists in there as she can).

Playland Sunrise (2 of 3) (1245x1875)

Playland Sunrise (1 of 3) (1875x1245)

She has grown so much from when she was a mere 7 lbs 13 oz 21 incher to the (more than) 12 lbs 24 inches she is now.

I have learned so much in this short period of time.  Most notably how to change diapers (I have changed more than I ever would have thought).  I learned that lifting her up and down quiets her down if she is crying and that she loves to be held and rocked and doesn’t like to be put down.  Even after taking over 30 days off of work to be with Margot I learned that all those projects around the house I thought I would get done did not get finished.  Its a demanding job taking care of a newborn but it is a completely rewarding one and I am grateful for all of the time I have been able to spend with her so far.

Now Alexsis, I don’t know how I could do any of this without you.  You spent your entire pregnancy learning as much as you could about having and raising a baby.  And by that I mean reading probably 5 books a week.  The people at the library probably thought we were crazy constantly walking out with stack after stack of baby books.  You learned all of the tricks and natural ways to raise our baby.  And I am so glad that you have taken the time to do this to give Margot the best upbringing she could have.  Though having some medical hiccups along the way and having to take care of margot overnight by myself when she was 3 weeks old was really scary but did give me more of an appreciation for what you are doing to take care of her needs all day long.

As much as I can’t wait for her next achievements and new skills learned I am also scared that it will go by too fast as I hear all too often.  But it will happen and I will embrace all of the time I can get with her even being back at work full time now.

Well, until my next writing endeavor…


One thought on “3 Months With Margot – A Note from her Daddy

  1. she is beautiful Todd! I am sure you are an amazing Daddy!!! she is lucky to have both of you!!! isn’t being a parent fun- trust me – each months keeps getting better and better!

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