Take More Pictures

I recently read a quote somewhere on the vast Internets (probably here) that said “Take more pictures; storage is unlimited, memories are fleeting and life is short.”

To be honest, Mr. Moore and I are pretty good at the taking pictures part, but we are notoriously bad at the printing/sharing part of photography.

That’s why I like Instagram so much… I mean, I know that Instagram is like Fauxtography and it’s totally self-indulgent and I am definitely guilty of sharing way too many pictures of my kid and even of sharing the occasional picture of my food.  But, I mean, what’s so wrong with that?  Self indulgence?  Taking pictures of the things that I love (my kid and food)?

This whole blog is a practice in self indulgence anyhow.  Mr. Moore is concerned with page views and stuff like that, and all I really care about is having some kind of record.  I think that each and every blog on the internet is someone crying out “I was here!  On this earth!  I created! I participated! I was ALIVE!”  But, how amazing for our children?  I mean… this generation of children who will have this record of who their parents were.  I often think about Margot reading this blog when she is older.  When she knows me only as her mom.  For her to be able to look back and read about the time I ran away from a bear, or watch a video of her parents sledding, or to read my account of the day she was born… I think that is an amazing thing for her to have access to.  I WISH my mom had a blog.  I wish I could know her before she was my mom.  I wish she had written an account of her life as a young newlywed living on an air force base in Italy.  I wish I could watch videos of my parents as teenagers when they were newly in love.  I think that would be so incredible.

So, this is for you, Margot.  I hope you read this someday before you make me a Grandma so that you can leave a trail for your own children.  Because, Baby Girl, you are going to have an incredible life.

Here’s just one week in the incredible life of Margot Miriam:


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