As parents I think we all want to know that we are doing a good job.  But, how do you know what that means?  The most basic measurement is, I guess, just keeping your kid alive.  I mean, that’s our job, right?  To protect and nourish this little life.  But, how do we know?  How do we know when we are achieving beyond that bare minimum and actually doing a good job?

It is easy to get caught up in the Mommy Wars, and I am no stranger to the dangers of reading too much and taking too much to heart.  I think what it comes down to is just doing what works for you and your baby.  I also think that, in general, if you’re worrying about whether or not you’re doing a good job… you probably are.

But, it doesn’t hurt to hear from someone else that you’re excelling at the art of parenting.  Especially when that someone is your child’s pediatrician.


We are so incredibly lucky to have found a pediatrician who is less than 10 minutes away who is against over-vaccination, pro-breastfeeding, pro-baby wearing and supportive of bed-sharing/co-sleeping/family bed.  We have also been very fortunate that he is not only supportive of all of the parenting decisions that we’ve made, but he is also happy to sit down with us and have real conversations about why he is suggesting certain vaccinations, or why he recommends not getting them.

This is all a lead-up to the fact that we took Margot to our incredible pediatrician today and he (once again) called her perfect.  The nurses all looked at her adoringly and said “Wow! She’s so alert!”  Which is nice when it comes from little old ladies in the supermarket, but even nicer when it comes from people who are around other babies all the time.  That’s when you know your child is exceptional.

The best part, though, was when the doctor told us that we are doing everything exactly right.  He said, verbatim, “You guys are doing a great job.  This is how you raise a baby.”


Nursing the tears away after her shot.

I needed to hear that.  Miss Margot has been a need machine the past few days.  She has never been a fussy baby, but she sure is a hungry one.  She has been a non-stop eating machine, which means I have been a non-stop feeding machine.

But, when I hear how beautiful and perfect (and well-nourished) our daughter is, I know it’s all worth it.



2 thoughts on “Check-up

  1. She’s beautiful! I’m glad you had a good report at the doctor’s office – that is always such a comfort! It’s easy to worry and wonder if you’re doing things “right” and when you get the thumbs up from others, it is reassuring. 🙂

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