Tiny little fingers – Valentine’s Day 2013

I wrote this tonight, on my iPod, with one hand, while Margot was nursing.


Margot putting her perfect, teeny, tiny, little fingers in my mouth as I am writing this blog with one hand.

Today, Margot pooped in my belly button. We were in the bathtub and she was standing on my stomach bouncing around and babbling when suddenly she went quiet and pooped directly into my belly button.

I have also been peed on, spit up on and had my own breastmilk leak all over me today.

And it has been a great day.  The best day.  The best Valentine’s Day on record, in fact.

Mr. Moore and I took Margot to the same restaurant we ate at one year ago as we excitedly celebrated the fact that we were going to become parents.  This time, we passed our baby girl across the table so that we could eat in shifts.  I looked at Todd and said, “Can you believe that Margot has been in our lives for one year?  First as our little banzo bean and now as a real, live human child…”

It seems impossibly long and impossibly short at the same time.  I can not believe that I have been a mother for one year already.  I can not believe that I have been a mother for only one year.

One year ago today Todd and I lay in our bed with our hands on my belly dreaming about who it was that was growing in there.

Tonight we will lay down with her between us.

And I will look at Todd and say, “Can you believe we made her?”

And then she will spit up on our comforter and cry to be fed and her diaper will leak onto our clean sheets.

And then she will use her tiny little hand to stroke my chest while she’s nursing and she’ll put her tiny little fingers in my mouth and I will nibble on them.

And it will be the best Valentine’s Day on record.


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