In the car with Margot

Margot and I were running some errands and she fell asleep in her car seat on the way home… So right now I am sitting in the car writing on my iPod because I don’t want to disturb her nap.

She usually naps in my arms, so her napping NOT in my arms usually means I can accomplish some kind of Adult Stuff. Like, cleaning my messy house.

But, nope, I can’t very well leave her out here all alone! So, here I am blogging on my iPod, in the backseat of the car watching Miss Margot droll and dream about nursing.


I’ve been delinquent again with my blogging, and I promise I think about blogging all the time! I just don’t get around to doing it very often. Even now I am writing this with my thumbs on a tiny screen and I can’t do a picture dump from here, so I can’t even use this brief opportunity to do a good and proper post!

I’m not complaining, I swear. I’m just making excuses for my lack of productivity.

I have done some writing recently, though. Remember I told you about that big blog project Mr. Moore and I have been working on? Well, it’s finally gone live, so you can check it out! We have some work to do on it still (most notably getting some actual blog posts up) but we did a lot of work on the regular page contents and we hope to have the rest done by Earth Day when we have a big event coming up.

But, seriously, check it out.

We are pretty passionate about Transition Ossining and we’re also kind of proud of the work we’ve done on the website so far.

Other than that, I wrote a blog post that might someday be featured on my doulas’ blog! So! Yeah… I’ve kinda been sort of productive…

Whatever!! My baby is happy and healthy and I have managed to keep my family well-fed despite the fact that I can’t remember the last time I properly went grocery shopping, so I think I’m pretty much knocking it out of the park on this whole “being a mom” thing.

Now, my thumbs are getting tired, so instead of using them to type, I’ll use them to scroll through Facebook and Pinterest until Little Miss wakes up.

One more Margot photo for the road, or… for the driveway…



2 thoughts on “In the car with Margot

  1. awwww…. she’s got her frankenstein monster šŸ™‚ she’s so cute… she looks like a ramos in that second picture if you know what i mean… poor kid

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