Kangaroo Care

I am going to act like a sales person for a moment here, but I am really and truly speaking from my heart here about this amazing product.

Are you a breastfeeder?

Are you a baby-wearer?

Are you a fan of beautiful jewelry?

Get thee to Etsy and check out Kangaroo Care.

I just got these two necklaces from my special someone (after a LOT of hint-dropping and eventually just saying “order these”) and I am in LOVE.  With him and my new necklaces.

Photo 55

Margot loves to claw at my chest while she’s eating, but now she just plays with these awesome beads.

She also loves to chew on them and play with them and hold onto them like she’s got her Mama on a leash…

Photo 54 Photo 57 Photo 62Seriously.

I love these necklaces and I think one of these would be an awesome gift to the boob-feeding/baby-wearing/beautiful-jewelry-loving lady in your life.

Even if that lady is you.

Treat yo’self!



2 thoughts on “Kangaroo Care

  1. I love this! I came across your post looking for anyone writing about amber teething necklaces, which I hate. I’ve written recently on several sites about the danger and false claims of amber teething necklaces and was feeling quite riled up about it. But now I feel a warm and fuzzy seeing this wonderful idea for mums and bubs alike! I’ll be linking to your site to post to steer mums towards a better natural teething solution!

    • Wonderful!!! I am so surprised at how many natural mamas out there use amber teething necklaces, honestly! I had seen so many babies wearing them and thought I would get one for Margot, but then I did just a few minutes of research about them and realized they were actually not so great!

      I’m happy to help spread the word about these beautiful necklaces and very glad to have been the source of some warm and fuzzies!

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