6 Month Update –

Margot is 6 months old TODAY.  Yeesh I cant believe it.  the changes are happening and they are happening quick.  She is talking up a storm, wants to put everything in her mouth and is sitting up on her own and rolling over.  She is a member and comes to our Transition Ossining meetings. All of our Ethical Culture Society friends can’t get enough of her.  She is going on the potty more than half the times we put her on it.  She is learning how to swim.  All we get when we take her out are turning heads and smiling faces.  Oh and she eats food now too.  Go check out the new blog Alexsis created What Margot Ate if you want to see her journey into food.  Yea that’s our little girl.  My how she has grown.


Since it started getting warmer I started taking her out to the garden with me to inspect what is growing and to water my plants and vegetables.  Just tonight I had her in the Mai tai wrap and I was pulling weeds while Margot stared off at a loud buzzing bumble bee flying nearby and stared up into the branches of the trees above.  I really enjoy having her with me when I am out doing these things and hope she will enjoy them with me as she grows up.

Alright as I am writing this Margot is snuggling with her Mama the kittens are fast asleep one in my lap and one at my feet and I am getting ready to join them while at the same time dreading the alarm that is going to go off tomorrow at 5:30 AM.

Until next time my friends.



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