Margot ate WHAT?

Okay, so I mentioned that we were waiting until Margot turned 6 months old to start giving her solid foods.

Well, it happened.  She’s six months old. And now she eats food.

And… honestly, the six month mark was a little bit arbitrary.  We had the green light from her Pediatrician, she showed all the signs of readiness, she was totally dying to just DIG. IN. for a while… But, we waited.

Mostly because I was NOT ready.  I mean, I was really, really not ready.  I love breastfeeding Margot and while we will be nursing full term, and truly letting Margot wean herself… I admit that I was afraid introducing solid foods would effect our nursing relationship.

So far, Mama Milk still seems to be her favorite food, but… it was really difficult for me.  Before she demolished her first plate of Vegetable Curry, every nutrient that went into her perfect little body came through me first.  In my womb and from my breast.  I guess I had already lost that distinction the first time we let her suck the juice from bites we took out of an apple, or maybe when we gave her those first licks of an ice cream cone… But, there is something so grown-up about her sitting down to eat a meal.

Believe me, though, there is nothing “grown-up” about the way this girl lets loose on a plate full of food.


Since we have gotten a lot of questions about what and how Margot will be eating, we decided to create a NEW blog solely dedicated to Margot’s culinary adventures.  I mean, I am so great at staying up-to-date with the two blogs we already have, I figured… why not add a third one to the mix.  But, honestly, for me starting out with Baby-led weaning, I felt like it was so helpful to see pictures and videos of other babies demolishing their food.  It can be a little distressing the first time you hand your fragile little baby a big honkin’ piece of “adult food.”   So, I’m hoping that perhaps seeing Margot go to town on some curry might help out another anxious BLW Mama.  Also, the vegan thing… a lot of people are kind of uninformed about what exactly a vegan kid might eat.  So, that’s there, too… Lots of good vegan food smeared all over our baby.

So, check it out.  It’s  And hey… why don’t you subscribe while you’re at it.  It would make Margot’s Daddy so happy!



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