Uphill both ways

I’m going to dedicate today’s blog to Christine, whose blog posts make me feel lazy and who also enjoys wearing her babes.

Now that spring is officially happening, Margot and I are trying to work our way up to walking to the library for Storytime and to the pool for Swimmytime and wherever else in Ossining for regular old Funtimes.

The problem is, we live at the top of a hill. And then the library is at the top of ANOTHER hill, and the walk really IS uphill both ways!

Actually, Ossining is pretty much ALL hills. (Are there any waterfront towns that are also FLAT? Please let me know so we can move there.)

That’s why we have to work up to it. Today we tried out our *new* mei tai (we liked it very much!) (it has a hood!!).

We went to the bottom of “our” hill and back to the top. It’s one mile there and back, so… easy!

When we got to the bottom I was like, “yeah! That was a piece of cake!! Let’s walk everywhere all the time forever!!!”

Then I got back up to the top and said, “yeah, that’ll do for now…”

But, honestly, next week we are going to go for it!

All the way to the library!

And back!



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