Sculpture Walk

zdscThere are lots of events going on throughout this year to celebrate Ossining’s Bicentennial.  When we realized the weather on Sunday was going to be sunny and mild, we knew it was the perfect opportunity to enjoy one of Ossining’s ongoing bicentennial events, an outdoor sculpture walk.


Starting in the beginning of this month, sculptures starting cropping up around town and Todd and I started to get excited about walking the trail through town to visit all of the works of art up close.  We invited my parents to come along with us on this mile and a half jaunt.

DSC_5292My parents both really enjoy hiking and this seemed like the perfect way to celebrate mother’s day with the woman who raised me and the little girl who made me a mother.

DSC_5243We have talked a little bit about Ossining on this blog, but enjoying this sculpture walk really made us even prouder to be a part of this great town/village (our house lies in both…).

DSC_5248 We ended up in Ossining kind of by mistake.  When shopping for homes, we were looking for something not too far from our families and something affordable… we ended up in Ossining because this is where we found a home that fit our criteria. But, we could not be happier with where we ended up.  In the three years we have been Ossining residents we have truly found our home.  We have met a lot of incredible like-minded people here and are happy to count many Ossining residents old and new as a part of our extended family.


The walk took us all through the town, stopping at some of the beautiful spots through Ossining that we often drive past without a second glance.

DSC_5259Not only were the sculptures worthy of awe and wonder, but so is our lovely hometown.

DSC_5288We followed the trail from start to finish, seeing all 26 sculptures. DSC_5277It seemed like each sculpture we visited was someone’s new favorite, and perhaps we may have walked away from the day aspiring to purchase one for ourselves had the price tags not featured so many zeroes.

DSC_5261Nui (the incredible chihuahua who thinks he’s a human boy) and Margot were troopers throughout.  Margot decided it was a lovely opportunity for a nap while riding through town on Mama. But, she held on tight the whole way…

DSC_5274We had a car waiting for us once we made it down to the riverfront for the last few sculptures because the trek back up the hill can get a little bit hairy.  We also met up with Big Sister and her husband for some Mother’s Day celebrating overlooking the majestic Hudson River.

DSC_5314It was a beautiful, well-spent day and the most wonderful way to celebrate Mother’s Day.

DSC_5306We are looking forward to visiting the sculptures again and again through the coming months and participating in some of the other bicentennial events.

Please check out the website and “like” the Facebook page for information about this and other events going on in our wonderful village this year!


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