Messy Girl – Adventures in Baby-Led Weaning

If you’ve been following Margot’s culinary adventures, you know that mealtimes around the Amazing Moore house can get a bit messy.

So, we’ve taken to hosing our naked girl down in the kitchen sink about three times a day.

DSC_5458 DSC_5464

During the day, when it’s just us girls, washing-up time is not all that much cleaner than eating playing with food time, but, somehow we make it work.

We have been so enthusiastic about Baby-led weaning.  The name leaves a little something to be desired, but, since that’s the standard title for this type of food-introduction, we’ll stick with it so that other enthusiasts can get down with us.

One of the benefits we have noticed is that Margot seriously EATS her food.  She really caught on very quickly to the concept of chewing, which I have heard from a certified childcare professional (hi mom!) is not always the case with wee ones.

Also, we have had very few scary moments where we felt like we might have to intervene with Margot’s handling of her food.  We had a “count to ten” rule where we would, well… count to ten… if Margot looked like she was getting herself into trouble.  We hardly ever had to put this rule into effect.  When we did, we never once made it past “two.”  We hardly even use this rule anymore because Margot knows what she’s doing.

And, of course, Baby Girl has not turned her nose up at anything we have offered her.  Not one thing.  There was the case of the overly spicy enchiladas which may have caused some tears… but, she kept shoveling those delicious enchiladas in her mouth undeterred.

I hope that this enthusiasm for food continues, but I anticipate that someday Margot will use food as a way of stating her independence.  I am already preparing myself for the day a precocious young Margot sticks her tongue out when I say we’re having veggie burgers for dinner again. But, I also think that we have done our Little Girl a great service by introducing her to so many different amazing cuisines from the beginning.

A few notes on the Baby-led weaning “supplies” we have found handy:

Highchair – You may notice that we started out with a beautiful, antique wooden high chair. It was a hand-me-down from a friend, and we love this highchair. But, it was a serious pain in the butt to wipe down after every meal.  So, we planned a trip to Ikea made Natasha go to Ikea to pick up one of these bad boys.
antilop-highchair-with-safety-belt__35998_PE126860_S4Lightweight, molded plastic which makes for easy wipe-ups after a messy meal. (They are all messy meals)
The only problem we’ve found with this high-chair was that the tray is not easy to take off.  It would be nice if we could remove the tray (and the messy food bits) when we are trying to clean Margot up at the end of a meal, but we more than make-do with this highchair.
Bibs – Well, we are still in search of the perfect bib… so, I don’t even really have a great recommendation here.  Mr. Moore is intent on designing a spray-skirt style bib that would attach to the highchair.  Look for him on future episodes of Shark Tank hawking his ingenious invention.
For now, we usually strip Margot down to her diaper (or less).  If that’s not an option, we just hold off on giving her messy foods.  Since “food before one is just for fun” we never feel guilty about holding back on foods that might be more trouble than they are worth.
Cloth Napkins – We don’t love disposable type things, so we don’t use paper towels for clean-up, though I am sure they are much more convenient.  We found that a damp cloth napkin, though, is the perfect tool for wiping off messy baby arms.

I guess that’s really it… we don’t use anything other than regular silverware to “prepare” Margot’s food.  We don’t buy her any special “baby foods” so… our supplies really come down to those three things.

Whew! I wasn’t really planning on writing that all out, I really just wanted to share those cutie pie pictures of a naked baby in my sink… but… there you have it!

Next-up: Our adventures in Elimination Communication, another horribly named parenting adventure… stay tuned!



6 thoughts on “Messy Girl – Adventures in Baby-Led Weaning

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  2. I am so eager to start BLW! Little Dude will be able to try for the first time on Wednesday. I know it’s going to be messy and I’m actually eager to see how his high chair is going to hold up. At least, I know that the tray is easily removed! You are brave to try elimination communication; I don’t think I have the energy to attempt that. Eager to hear about your experiences!

    • Haha! We are not as brave as you think! We are only “sometimes” ECers!

      I am looking forward to your adventures also!!! It’ll be really interesting to see how teeth add to the joys (and terrors) of solids!😬

      Miss M still shows no signs of teeth… According to my mom I was still toothless at age one, so we aren’t holding our breath!!

  3. Thanks for thinking of me as a professional. You may not have had any teeth on your first birthday, but you were sporting PONYTAILS!!

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