When we were driving home from visiting Sarah and Pascal in Boston we listened to a podcast of Radiolab called “Bliss” and I thought (to myself or out loud, I can’t recall) “What a perfect topic, because this weekend was totally blissful.”

I can’t put my finger on exactly what made the weekend so lovely, there was no incredible event that took place, in fact, we hardly did anything at all.  We cooked good food, had lovely conversations, Sarah cut Todd’s hair, Margot practiced crawling… it was a perfectly ordinary weekend, but spent with our very beloved friends, and that made it perfectly extraordinary.

I may seem to be waxing a little too poetic about haircuts and vegan cinnamon buns, but that’s only because you weren’t there with us.

Here are a handful of images from the weekend that do not even come close to capturing the pure bliss.

Now, go and listen to that podcast and let the sound of Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich’s voices wash over you and inspire your own blissful memories.


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