Falling behind

You guys… I’ve totally been neglecting the internets lately. I’m sorry… and it’s only going  to get worse.

Here are the factors that are making me a terrible blogger lately:

  • Todd’s work schedule has been bonkers.  Which means less Margot-free time for me AND less picture-editing time for him.  So, a lot of posts and photos have gone un-touched for far too long.
  • Summer, baby. I mean, it’s nice out… who wants to be sitting around a computer all day long?
  • My iPod camera is BROKEN.  I dropped it. But, apparently it just needs to be dropped again and it will right itself… or maybe I’ll visit a genius.
  • Other commitments. We are busy little bees.  Speaking of bees… what are you doing on June 20th?? (that website sucked up a lot of my computer time over the past two weeks…)
  • Margot said “mama” and then she propelled herself across the room. Not at the same time… but, a talking, crawling baby… oh boy…

Well, that’s a few of them, there are more, I’m sure, but it’s 7:30 on a Sunday evening and I have been waiting ALL WEEKEND to sit down and write, so I’d better get to that rather than rehashing all the reasons that I haven’t been doing it lately… I think I’ll start trying to catch up over here for now… it’s a bit daunting trying to back track with posts as we have been super busy, but hopefully by the end of this week I will be all caught up!

And here’s us from yesterday (setting up shop for The Ossining Village Fair, one of our above-mentioned commitments), Margot is demonstrating how exhausting all this warm weather and non-stop busy-ness has us Amazing Moores…



2 thoughts on “Falling behind

  1. Awww, such a cutie little miss Margot is! Life catches up with us bloggers sometimes, it happens 😉 And I’m so glad that summer has come ’round in your neck of the woods; I’m still waiting for it to tiptoe over here…

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