Margot’s Daddy

It’s Father’s Day. Todd’s first. And right now he is on the couch with our sweet girl passed out in his arms.
20130616-214907.jpgAnd my heart is full.

The first thing people always say about Margot is that she has the most amazing eyes. And she does. They are the same eyes her daddy has. The same eyes I saw under that crazy wig one Halloween. The same eyes I looked into when I said, “I do.”
20130616-215203.jpgAnd if I am very, very lucky… I will be able to spend the rest of my life looking into both sets of those amazing hazel eyes.
20130616-215540.jpgSo much more to say about the man who Margot will call Daddy, but my eyes are all watery and there are dishes to be done and I would never even be able to find the words anyway.


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