Forever 21

I should have actually titled this post “Forever 10” because that is how old Brandon actually always will be in my memory.  I’m not sure how it happened that my sweet baby Brandon is now an honest-to-goodness ADULT human being.

I am writing this post far after the fact of his actual birthday, but I’ve still got tears in my eyes thinking about him being 21 years old.

I just looked back at what I wrote on Facebook, because I know I agonized on that date over what to say about this heartbreaking happy occasion, so, I’ll let past Alexsis take it away: “21 years ago I learned for the first time what it was like to love someone brand new. To look at a tiny human being and pour all your hopes and dreams into them. To watch their sweet sleeping face and wonder who they were going to be. Now that perfect little baby is an amazing grown-up man. I could not be prouder of who you turned out to be, Brandon! Happy Birthday! xoxoxoxo xoxoxo”

DSC_7595 DSC_7587 DSC_7583 DSC_7578


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