It’s no small coincidence that the last blog entry I wrote was about how Margot gained mobility.  I’ve been chasing after her ever since.  Between a mobile baby, our summer schedule, and my new career path… I’ve been a busy little bee.

But, I’m not going to do that thing I always do where I apologize for my lack of posting, make excuses and then promise to post more often again… I’m here to talk about something totally different.  Can you guess what it is based on my title?


Margot has teeth.

Two of ’em.  Shiny white chompers.  I wasn’t ready for that.  Anytime Margot put anything in her mouth and people would comment, “Oh! Maybe she’s teething!” I would brush them off saying, “my mom said I didn’t have teeth till I was over 1 year old, so…. nope! No teeth here, thankyouverymuch!”

I really was NOT ready.  I thought I would have a little toothless baby for a while longer.  Then, I put my finger in her mouth for no apparent reason and… what’s this? Something sharp! A tooth! Oh my god, a tooth!!

I cried. And then the next day I looked in there to see if it had gone back in. It hadn’t.  I probably checked for three days before I really believed that my toothless baby was gone for good.

She’s growing up so fast. It’s such a cliche, but… oh boy… it’s true.  Wasn’t she a newborn just a few weeks ago? How could it be that 9 months have already passed?

The arrival of Margot’s teeth has stirred up a lot of emotions for me.  Her pearly whites have also inspired a lot of questions from loved ones and strangers alike.  Mostly, “Has she bit you yet?” and “So… when are you going to stop breastfeeding anyway?”

The answers are “no” and “when she’s ready.”


I admit that before I got pregnant I said, “I guess I’ll breastfeed my babies until they have teeth.” My mother kindly reminded me that some babies are born with teeth, and I shrugged my shoulders like, “I guess I’ll deal with that when it happens.”

Then, I learned more about the benefits of breastmilk and I said, “I will breastfeed for at least 6 months.”

Then, I learned even more and 6 months turned into 1 year, which turned into 2 years.

Then, I started nursing my baby and 2 years turned into… “indefinite.”

I nurse Margot on demand.  When she wants milk, she gets it.  When she needs comfort, she gets it. When she needs help falling asleep, the boob is there. And that’s how we will continue until she no longer needs those things from me.  I do not know when that will be.  It could be when she’s 3 or 4 or 5 or I have no idea when.


Go ahead, tell me my baby will NEVER STOP breastfeeding. I’ve heard it.  I guess I’ll have to nurse her right before she walks down the aisle to get married and during her first day at a new job.

Or, tell me horror stories about babies who bite their mother’s nipples off, I love hearing about your neighbor’s best friend’s daughter who is now nippleless all because she tried to do what was best for her baby, the poor dear.

Or, just tell me I’m a hippie weirdo.  I’m pretty sure that ship sailed when we first started using our bath water to wash our laundry.

I’m not gonna lie, those comments usually piss me off or hurt my feelings, but if they do… I’ll just go cuddle up with my baby and nurse her until we both bliss out on oxytocin and love.

DSC_8407And seriously, guys, sorry I’ve been delinquent in blogging, I really will try to catch up…


3 thoughts on “Chomp

  1. LOL! You are so freakin’ funny!

    I totally understand your outlook on breastfeeding. I had exactly the same thought process as you: I’ll nurse until 6 months or until he has teeth. Well, teeth came in at 5 months and at 6 months I was not ready. Here I am, at almost 9 months of nursing and I still have no idea when I’m going to stop. Heck, I left for 4 days without my son and didn’t wean him at that moment. I’m going back to work next week, but still have no intention of stopping. It’s such a wonderful thing to be doing! Do I love it all the time? NO. Is it worth it to keep going? Heck yeah! And if/when you do get bitten, I’m sure you’ll deal wonderfully with it when it happens (you do know about hydrogen peroxide to heal bitten nipples, right?).

    And congrats on the teeth! It is so exciting and frightening when they first come in. I remember being in total shock when I discovered that my son had cut his.

    Geez, these kiddos grow up much too quickly.

    Take care!

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