Gerlach Park

We have really been trying to take full advantage of the sunshine before it disappears completely during the cold winter months. Yesterday we set out to explore our own backyard.  Well, our figurative “backyard” not our actual one…

It’s our new mission to visit every park and playground in Ossining (there are many) and today Gerlach Park was on our radar.  We also drove through Cedar Lane Park, but since there is no playground there, Margot decided we should just enjoy the view from the (warm) car.

There is, however, a dog park, which all residents of Ossining are free to look at and talk about. (Nightvale? Anyone? Anyone? Am I the only podcast nerd around here?)

As you will see below, we couldn’t help ourselves taking tons of photos of Margot.  She is just such a joy to watch.  It is so incredible to see how her personality is really taking form.  Now that she has fully mastered walking (and running) she can engage in the world in a whole new way.  Her favorite thing to do at the park is to sit in the wood chips and “explore”.  We recently wrote an appeal to our families about buying presents for Margot.  In it, we asked that they really try to limit the number of “things” they give to her for the holidays.  As we watched Margot playing with handfuls of wood chips and acorns, the relevance of that message really struck us.  Maybe we’ll wrap up a box of acorns to put under the tree this year…


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