Mr. Moore

Name:  Todd, Toddy, Toadman, Dragon Master, Ricky Fitts and a few others I will not mention.

Age:  32

Occupation:  Own my own computer business ( building and fixing computers and also doing Excel macro work and Access Database creation.  For my real job I am a civil servant at BOCES.  I work in the Test Scoring Department and part of our job is printing and scanning answer sheets for 59 Public schools and 250 or so non public schools.  The rest is a lot of this and that.  It is also the place where I have honed my Excel / Access skills.

If you were an animal, what kind of animal would you be?  A soaring bird so i could see the world looking like a train set.

What’s your favorite color? Orange 

If you were a superhero, what powers would you like to have?  Invisibility would be cool.   Except i guess if you got injured and needed help then no one would be able to find you

Where would you go if you had a time machine?  I would head to the future to see if a AI Robot Apocalypse is really going to happen.  First they are your friends then they get feelings and then its all over.  I’d also like to see if cars are getting any better than 33 mpg dang Oil Conglomerates.

What’s your favorite flavor ice cream? Coffee and Black Raspberry and yes I would eat them right now together with peanut butter sauce from Friendly’s mmmmmmmm

What is your best childhood memory?  One day a friend and I were walking through the woods and we found a beat up kids bike that had no tires.  Being kids we immediately decided to just ride it on the rims.  let me tell you it was not a comfortable ride but that didn’t stop us. We named it Sparky.  It got this name because we would peel out over the sewer covers in our neighborhood to see if it could make sparks fly.

What three words would you use to describe Mrs. Moore?  I would have to say Passionate,  Creative and Thoughtful.  She has such a passion for making sure Margot gets the best upbringing even if it means sacrificing some of her freedom.  She is an awesome painter and writer and always comes up with really cool ideas and knows how to make them look professional.  I always ask her to paint pictures for our walls and if you are reading this then i am sure you have seen some of her writing.

What is the most surprising thing about fatherhood so far?  I would have to say just seeing Margot develop new skills like smiling, baby talking, eating her hands and feet, grabbing toys and standing to name a few.

What do you hope people learn about you by reading this blog?  I hope they get excited and implement some of the things that I do into their lives to save money be more green and to make cool stuff usually out of junk.


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