Is it fall?

To say that today was unseasonably warm doesn’t quite come close to how spring-like it really was.   Margot certainly enjoyed the opportunity to be outside without me trying to force her to wear a hat OR jacket.

This kid likes to be barefoot and unencumbered by excess clothing.  She got that from me.  She also enjoys playing in the dirt.  She definitely got that from her Daddy.

She gave up putting handfuls of dirt in her mouth for the afternoon to play in a pile of leaves instead.


Uphill both ways

I’m going to dedicate today’s blog to Christine, whose blog posts make me feel lazy and who also enjoys wearing her babes.

Now that spring is officially happening, Margot and I are trying to work our way up to walking to the library for Storytime and to the pool for Swimmytime and wherever else in Ossining for regular old Funtimes.

The problem is, we live at the top of a hill. And then the library is at the top of ANOTHER hill, and the walk really IS uphill both ways!

Actually, Ossining is pretty much ALL hills. (Are there any waterfront towns that are also FLAT? Please let me know so we can move there.)

That’s why we have to work up to it. Today we tried out our *new* mei tai (we liked it very much!) (it has a hood!!).

We went to the bottom of “our” hill and back to the top. It’s one mile there and back, so… easy!

When we got to the bottom I was like, “yeah! That was a piece of cake!! Let’s walk everywhere all the time forever!!!”

Then I got back up to the top and said, “yeah, that’ll do for now…”

But, honestly, next week we are going to go for it!

All the way to the library!

And back!



Every spring, just as the weather starts to get nicer and the days start to get longer and we start to think that we might finally crawl out from under our blankets… Todd gets SLAMMED at work.

So, while Margot and I have had some opportunities to enjoy the springtime weather during the day, Mr. Moore is usually slaving away at the office bringing home the… fakin’ bacon, I guess….

But here we are, walking, nursing, playing, reading and generally enjoying the sunshine.

I’ve been particularly inspired to write this post today since I am looking out the window at grey skies.  Hopefully, if it’s grey where you are while you’re reading this, Margot’s smiley springtime face will bring some sunshine to your day.

And in case you are super jealous of our incredible picnic blanket… too bad, there’s only one other like it in the world, and my sister has it.  My mom made them out of old jeans when we were small.

The pockets on the jeans have been used for storage, trash collecting during picnics, as barbie sleeping bags,and  to warm our toes on chilly nights.  Margot has already christened our blanket with spit-up and I am so looking forward to her enjoying the blanket for many spring seasons to come.